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Explore B-Sec’s agritech-powered digital transformation services

Emerging Business Ideas

Employ future-proof operational workflows with the power of tech. Achieve project objectives with B-Sec’s solutions and comprehensively meet emerging needs.

Process Enhancements

Unlock the power of tech and streamline everyday operations. Transform growing, harvesting, grading, processing, packaging, distribution, and retailing tasks and achieve higher profitability.

Custom-Developed Application

Get your unique business need addressed. Let B-Sec’s team of experienced AI and agriculture specialist build a customized solution just for you.


Our solutions empower fresh produce companies to meet diverse operational needs

Our innovative agribusiness solutions are designed by domain experts in agriculture and IT technologies. We help you enhance the yield, streamline supply chains, adhere to food safety regulations, and develop robust distribution strategies. Whether you’re a breeder, grower, grader, trader, logistics operator, or buyer (in the fresh produce industry), you stand to gain with B-Sec’s offerings.
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Charlie Flack

General Manager, HarvestEye

Why B-Sec

We facilitate fresh produce companies to enhance efficiency and boost business growth with state-of-the-art AI, ML, IoT, BI, and cloud technologies

Sustainable Agriculture

Effortlessly achieve sustainability goals.

Maximize the yield

Harness the latest tech to optimize yields.

Higher produce quality

Reap the benefit(s) of superior produce quality.

Data-backed decisions

Streamline workflows and make smarter decisions

Optimized resource utilization

Save energy and resources, and reduce wastage.

Maximize profitability

Improve process efficiency and multiply profits.

Our delivery model

Professional practice for assured results

Explore B-Sec’s products and services

Labeling and annotation

Precise labeling and annotation of fresh produce images
powered by AI/ML

Monitoring as a service

A resilient global framework for monitoring software and hardware, and for data collection from GPS and the field

Seed management Solution

A SaaS platform for hassle-free management of seed
supplies, crop planning, risk assessment, breeder-supplier-
grower interactions, and more

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