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Staff augmentation

Engage our IT experts
& overcome critical
business challenges

Now, finding the right people for your
agritech business is easier than ever

Engage our specialists to pursue operational excellence in your business. Explore
exciting possibilities with B-Sec’s staff augmentation services.

Focus on IT and Agritech

Take a confident stride into the future. Trust our team that has consistently proven its mettle, solving real-world agritech business challenges. Our collective experience spans all three domains: agriculture, IT, and business intelligence.

Agility and

We’re aware that each project has unique expectations, challenges, and resource limitations. Engage an agile team that’ll seamlessly scale up or down with your needs. Minimize costs without compromising on the deliverables. As a committed partner, we put your interests first, going beyond being a mere manpower supplier.


With a pool of multifaceted professionals across the US and India, B-Sec is well-placed to address your unique manpower needs. Our team complements global experience with local knowledge to extend dedicated support for all your projects.


Leverage our team’s mastery of modern software and cloud technologies. Gain from our design, implementation, and support experience. Our robust solutions are based on OpenStack, AI/ML, IoT, and BI/Visualization, and they drive business-critical applications such as RPA/IA, chatbots and more.

Who can use our service

Fresh produce Enterprise

Everyone in the agri-food chain – farmers, processors, transporters, or retailers – keen to streamline their operations can benefit from our expertise.

Agritech Startups

Need a helping hand with your projects? Get seasoned specialists to work for you and achieve your goals efficiently.

IT & IT related experts

Complement your IT skillsets with our domain expertise in agriculture. Collaborate with us to create path breaking solutions for new-age businesses.

Build a rewarding career in agritech

Join the young and enthusiastic team at B-Sec. Work with global leaders in the fresh produce industry.

Interested in minimizing project costs and uncertainties? Get the right team to work for you.